Poor bowel management lies at the root of many people’s health problems. It is a topic that not a lot of people desire to discuss, which is understandable considering the sensitive nature of the topic. Yet, keeping the intestinal tract healthy and in decent shape is one of the best ways to keep out of the grip of toxicity and cellular degeneration that can lead to tons of further health problems. If you are reading this, you have probably heard that mucoid plaque has something to do with (un)healthy bowels, so let’s learn all about it.


Gastrointestinal Tract & Mucoid Plaque

Your gastrointestinal tract is at the center, or hub of your body, and is one of the main organ systems. Without digestion, absorption, and elimination of the food you eat, you would die. This channel is how you introduce energy and chemistry from foods into the body. From the colon on is where and how we eliminate our waste, which is vital to the survival of your body. The proper elimination of waste and cellular metabolism is just as important as the ingestion of food.


The intestines take the brunt of abuse from acid-toxic foods and drinks. The food that takes the biggest toll on your GI health is mostly highly processed food, such as fast food, sugar, and bad fats, usually in combination. Many of these foods inflame and weaken the structure of your intestines. Some foods act like glue and actually adhere to the bowel walls and some are so abrasive that they cause intestinal walls to excessively produce mucus in order to protect themselves. This mucus is stored along the bowel walls and in its structure. All of the above affect your GI tract's ability to digest food and absorb the necessary nutrients you should get from eating.


Gastrointestinal Tract


What Is Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid Plaque is a formal name for the build-up of this mucus and is mostly created by the ingestion of refined starches, sugar, and dairy products. When the walls of the intestines are coated with this sticky plaque, the nutrients the body needs to properly function and perform to their highest potential cannot be absorbed. In addition, sticky mucoid plaque is a breeding ground for parasitic infestation. Mucoid plaque cleanse is essential in order to maintain a healthy colon.


Healthy Bowel Movement


How To Get Rid of Mucoid Plaque?

Mucoid plaque is persistent, and it can lead to an extremely uncomfortable stomach feeling if not treated timely. The best and fastest way to get rid of mucoid plaque is to cleanse your bowels - you can do this either by changing your diet to a more restrictive one, which, let’s be real, none of us wants, or you can use a bowel plaque detox products to help speed up the process.

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse Product

The "Intestinal Movement Formula" by HealthForce Superfoods, is an effective, gentle, balanced, non-habit-forming herbal colon formula. It is a probiotic designed for bowel health and it is highly effective, gentle, and made to support maximum colon cleansing and proper bowel function with little or no discomfort. With herbal components like whole leaf aloe vera and nopal cactus, this formula also supports digestion and blood sugar balance.


Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy sells this amazing product that can help you take care of your bowel health, so contact us or order online today.


Intestinal Movement Formula by HealthForce Superfoods 

Intestinal Movement Formula
by HealthForce Superfoods