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In Pharmacy Testing and Test Kits

At Martin's Pharmacy, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive wellness testing services to help you take control of your health. Our testing options cover a wide range of needs, from general health screenings to specialized tests for specific conditions. With accurate and reliable results, we aim to empower you with valuable insights into your well-being.

We offer in-pharmacy testing at both our Lamar Plaza and Dripping Springs locations, as well as testing kits for personalized and private testing at home. 

At Martin's Pharmacy, we prioritize accuracy, convenience, and personalized care. Our team of pharmacists is committed to guiding you through the testing process, explaining the results, and providing a treatment plan. We believe that by offering comprehensive wellness testing options, we can empower you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

View our testing options below, book an appointment or reach out to our team of Wellness Consultants and Pharmacists for more information and assistance.

Point of Care Testing


We offer Antigen and PCR tests for Covid-19 that detect active infections. For a safe, quick and local place to get tested for Covid, visit one of our locations or book an appointment below.

Flu A + B Test

Flu Season has been increasingly impactful in Central Texas over the last few years, so be sure you’re not passing along any contagious viruses with our Flu A + B Tests. Book an appointment at one of our Austin locations below.

Strep A Test

If you're having Strep Throat symptoms such as pain when swallowing, fever or red, swollen tonsils, getting a test will quickly determine the best course of treatment. Make an appointment at one of our locations and our team can provide results within just a few hours.

RSV Test

Respiratory illness in children is scary but acting quickly by getting tested and seeking treatment can make all the difference. If your child is experiencing symptoms, call your doctor immediately, but we can also provide you with positive results within a few hours. Simply make an appointment using the links below or call one of our pharmacy locations.

Schedule your Rapid-Testing appointment at one of our Central Texas locations:

Physician 360 Tests

We know that lengthy wait times and costly doctors visits can keep you from wanting to get tested for some common illnesses. That’s why Martin’s Wellness has partnered with Physician 360 to provide both in-pharmacy testing and prescriptions for the following ailments:

  • • Strep Test
  • • Flu Test
  • • UTI Test
  • • Ear Infection Test

When you visit one of our pharmacy locations, you will be administered a rapid test and get your results within minutes. Then, you’ll have a virtual consultation with one of our tablets or your own smartphone to confirm the results and get a prescription. 

Our pharmacists then fill the prescription and you’ll be on your way to feeling better- all with one quick visit. It’s that easy!

Learn more HERE or just visit one of our locations, walk-ins are welcome!

Austin Allergy Testing

Living in Central Texas, allergies can cause irritating symptoms all year long. That's why we provide Austin Allergy Testing services to identify which specific allergens trigger your symptoms. All you have to do is visit one of our pharmacy locations and select which allergens you’d like to be tested for, up to 40 if requested. 

Once we pinpoint specific allergens, we will come up with a personalized treatment plan to teach your body to build immunity against them.

For more information, visit our Allergy Testing Page or book an appointment to take control of your allergies below!

Nimbus Testing

Additionally, we offer Nimbus Testing services, specializing in hormone optimization therapies and hair restoration treatments. Whether you're seeking Testosterone Optimization Therapy or Hormone Optimization Therapy, Nimbus Testing provides personalized treatment plans to address hormonal imbalances and improve your overall well-being. We also offer advanced hair restoration therapies for both men and women, tailored to stimulate hair growth and restore confidence.

Learn more about Nimbus Testing or purchase a test kit here on our website.

Nimbus Women’s Hormone Test

Nimbus Hair DNA Test

Take charge of your health today with Martin's Pharmacy Wellness Testing. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our testing services. Your well-being is our top priority.

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