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Martin’s Wellness Pack | Simplify Your Life with Pre Packaged Meds

Martin’s Wellness is all about the Wellness of the community, and we are excited to provide yet another way to help our friends and customers to stay healthy and in check with their medical prescriptions.

Allow us to introduce you to your very own Martin’s Wellness Pack! Your medications organized by time and date, and pre packed in daily dosage packets!

This service is available at our Dripping Springs and Lamar Plaza locations, and it is absolutely Free of charge.


How Martin’s Wellness Pack Works


The process of getting your own Martin’s Wellness Pack is quite simple! The only thing you need to do is to let us know about your insurance provider, give us all of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines that you take, and our sorting RapidPackRx robot friend will create a custom pack with your name on it!

And the personalization doesn’t stop with your name. Each pack has the date, the day of the week and the time to take your meds. All the relevant information about the medication included in the pack and even who prescribed it to you is clearly printed on the front of each packet.

Our pharmacists will take care of everything! From transferring your prescriptions, to putting them in order and ready for your safe and simple consumption.


How Martin’s Wellness Pack Benefits You


Martin's Wellness Packs are the future of pharmacy! You don’t need to keep a diary and pre-pack med containers every day any more - all of your needs are taken care of with the help of our intelligent machine.

This is why you should consider our prepackaged medication dispensing method:

• Easy Management! Never worry about forgetting to take your meds again!
• No Waiting in Lines! Your daily, weekly and monthly needs fulfilled!
• Precise dosage! Was it one or two pills? Never ask that question again!
• Travel ready! You can just tear off your Daily Pill Pack and take it with you!
• Free Packs! This service comes included with your prescriptions!
• Free Delivery! If you’re local - we can even deliver your pack to you!

It’s almost unbelievable that this service is free but it is true - You only have to pay for the meds that you order and copays that you would have to handle even if you were to get your medications the old way.

Call us today at (512) 442-6777 to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

We sort your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications into individual pill packets, sorted by date and time, in a box specifically for you! Our staff will go over each medication you are on and what time of the day you take it to make sure your Martin’s Wellness Pack fits your schedule. Each pouch will include all the medicines that you take at one time. On the front of each pouch, you will find the name of your medications, the number of pills in the pouch, and a description of what each medicine looks like.

FREE! You are only responsible for your copays.

We will fill your medications for 30 days at a time with each Martin’s Wellness Pack. We want to make sure you have the most up-to-date pack for your prescriptions. Sometimes, your provider may increase or decrease the dose of your medicines or change the prescription. By filling your prescriptions every 30 days instead of every 90 days, we can quickly take care of any changes to your medications in time for your next Martin’s Wellness Pack.

Sometimes, your doctor may increase or decrease the dose of one of your medications. We can provide you with your new medication in a pill bottle to get you through to your Pack, when you will get your new medications in your next Martin’s Wellness Pack. We can also repackage your prescriptions for you for a small fee. If you stop taking a medication, please notify us immediately so we can make sure we update your profile.

Most medications can go into Martin’s Wellness Pack. Some prescriptions are best in a pill bottle. Any medications that are taken “as needed” or prescriptions where the dose is adjusted often will be separated for you.

Yes, we can put your OTCs and supplements in your pack! Please contact us for more information.

Just call us and talk to any of our staff! We will go through all the medications you are taking, when you take them, and how many days left you to have of each medication. We take care of transferring your prescriptions for you and will pick the best day for you to start your Martin’s Wellness Pack based on how many days left you to have of each medication and your insurance.

Call us today at (512) 442-6777 or subscribe here to get started.

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