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  1. Woman Having Allergies

    How to Survive Austin Allergies: The Definitive Guide

    This is our definitive guide to Austin’s most prevalent seasonal allergies, including the associated symptoms and treatments available.

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  2. Woman Taking a Supplement

    Winter Prep: Vitamins, Supplements & Pharmacist Advice

    We recommend these immunity-boosting vitamins and supplements for optimum health during this winter’s cold and flu season.

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  3. Winter Wellness Sale at Martin's Wellness

    Winter Wellness Sale at Martin's Wellness

    Get 25% OFF on Supplements and Home Medical Equipment at Martin’s Wellness! Visit our website to get the coupon codes.

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  4. Premier Research Labs

    Premier Research Labs Brand Spotlight

    Get to know Premier Research Labs, the revolutionary creators of supplemental nutrition based on quantum cellular resonance technology.

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  5. Top Questions Every Pharmacist Has Been Asked

    Top Questions Every Pharmacist Has Been Asked

    These are the top questions our pharmacists are commonly asked about medications, and we have the answers.

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  6. Immune System Boost

    How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally: Everything You Need to Know

    In this blog post, learn everything you need to know about the immune system and how to boost it naturally.

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  7. The Definitive Supplements Guide

    The Definitive Supplements Guide

    Learn which supplements your body needs for optimum health according to your age, gender, and more with this comprehensive supplement guide.

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  8. Apex Energetics Brand Spotlight

    Apex Energetics Brand Spotlight

    Backed by cutting-edge science, Apex Energetics’ innovative research-guided supplements address unique patient needs to support Patient Health FirstTM.

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  9. Celebrating Women’s Health

    Celebrating Women’s Health

    With women’s reproductive rights in the United States under siege, it only feels right to celebrate the biology that we have and highlight a few specific supplements to honor ourselves this month.

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  10. Brand Spotlight Life Extension

    Life Extension Brand Spotlight

    Meet Life Extension, the top supplements and vitamins brand carried by yours truly!

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  11. Pregnant Woman and Doctor

    Treating Infertility with Hormone Therapy

    In this blog post you will learn about what causes infertility and what hormone imbalance treatments Dr. Ruthie Harper offers.

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  12. B12 Vitamin Injection

    Want More Energy, B12 Injections or Natural Supplements May Be For You!

    In this blog post Dr. Ruthie Harper talks about a major role of B12 in converting food to energy, providing a boost for those feeling tired or run down.

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