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Book All Your Vaccines with Us!

Book all your vaccines, including flu and COVID-19 vaccines, at Martin's Wellness

Thank you for choosing Martin's Wellness and Compounding Pharmacies for your vaccines! You will now be able to book any vaccine at our pharmacies, subject to availability. Appointments will be available for all vaccines at our pharmacies, including COVID-19 vaccines, flu vaccines, travel vaccines, and childhood immunizations. Appointment times will be for a maximum of 2 vaccines at a time. If you need 3 or more vaccines, please book an additional appointment time through this same link.

Patients under 14 years old may require a prescription from their physician for certain vaccines. Patients under 3 years old require a prescription from their physician for all vaccines, including COVID-19 and flu vaccines. Patients aged 3 to under 7 years old require a prescription all vaccines expect COVID-19. Patients aged 7 to under 14 require a prescription for all vaccines except COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

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