Your liver can be compared to a huge chemical factory that supplies a whole city with it’s functional (metabolic) needs. It has been said that it would require 500 acres of land to build such a factory. Your liver has so many different functions that researchers still haven’t discovered them all. The liver performs over 500 known metabolic functions that keep your body in balance, and is the largest organ in the body. A healthy liver function is crucial for overall health. The liver plays a central role in all metabolic processes in the body, and also efficiently eliminates environmental toxins. When your liver is toxic and dysfunctional, your entire body suffers. Read on to learn about the functions of your liver and how to keep it healthy!

Liver Function

1. Amino Acid Metabolism

  • - synthesis of non-essential amino acids
  • - converts aminos into glucose if needed
  • - forms urea from excess aminos and ammonia

2. Carbohydrate Metabolism

  • - converts monosaccharides into glucose
  • - excessive glucose is converted and stored as glycogen, and vice versa

3. Fat Metabolism

  • - cholesterol is synthesized for new cell growth and steroid production
  • - fatty acids are converted to acetyl groups or ketones used for energy
  • - bile pigments, including bilirubin, are formed from the hemoglobin of old red blood cells
  • - bile is synthesized for fat emulsifying and alkalizing stomach contents

4. Detoxification

  • - The livers’ immune cells digest bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens within the blood from the digestive tract. A healthy liver can metabolize hormones, chemical drugs, and other chemicals to a certain degree.


Healthy Liver vs Liver With Cirrhosis


How To Keep Liver Healthy

You can see from the above functions and processes what your liver does, and how important it is to keep it healthy. Acidosis, alcohol, toxic chemicals, drugs, etc. are all very harmful to your liver. Do yourself a huge favor and help protect this vital organ. This can be done quite effectively with one of the liver health supplements we recommend at Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy, Liver Rescue by HealthForce Superfoods. Liver Rescue contains beneficial levels of the most powerful liver herbs known: milk thistle, dandelion root, turmeric, and chanca piedra. The herbs in Liver Rescue work synergistically to support liver function, produce bile flow, and support detoxification.


Liver Rescue - One of Liver Health Supplements 

Liver Rescue



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