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Martin’s Specialty Pharmacy

Martin’s Specialty Pharmacy provides specialized medications for serious chronic diseases, including Hepatitis C, HIV, Irritable Bowel Disease, Infertility, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Oncology, Psoriasis, Rheumatic Diseases and more. We can also fill any ancillary need such as traditional prescription medications, compounded medications and a complete line of professional grade nutritional supplements to help ensure a healthy outcome.

We work with the physician to lessen administrative and clinical tasks so they can concentrate their efforts on what really matters…you!
These services include:

Prescription confirmation
* Co-pay assistance and benefits investigation (includes denial and appeal programs)
* Refill reminders to patients
* Side effect management
* Lab coordination and treatment updates
* Monthly patient status reports

We understand that patients who rely on specialty drugs require highly personalized care. Our Patient Care Advocates play a vital role in helping you reach treatment goals through a wide range of patient-centered services that focus on cost containment and healthy outcomes.
These services include:

* Co-pay & Financial assistance programs
* Coordination of insurance benefits
* Non-English language support
* One on one education consultations on your treatment
* Refill reminders
* Free delivery & Free shipping
* 24 hr access to a Patient Care Advocate for questions or guidance

Our main objective is to improve the health care outcomes and quality of life for patients living with chronic conditions … patient at a time. Call us 512-432-5190 or Fax 512-487-5033

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Gastroenterology / Crohn's / UC

Hepatitis C

HIV / Infectious Disease

Makena® Prescription

Neurology / Multiple Sclerosis


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What Customers Say About Us

The BEST pharmacy I’ve ever been to/The best pharmacy experience I’ve ever had. They are extremely kind, quick, understanding, and efficient. I can’t believe I’ve been going Walgreens for years when places like Lamar Plaza Drug store exist. They are 10x better than Walgreens and CVS. Not only was Rashida (sorry if i spelled that wrong & plz correct me if wrong) so nice over the phone, she came up with excellent solutions to a current problem I was having with my prescription. This issue has been going on for weeks, and she is the only person who actually offered a solution. They were also very kind, and fast once I went in to pick up my prescription. I will definitely be coming back. Whoever owns/manages this place, you should be very proud of your staff and yourself for running such a great business.
Thank you for always being so kind and patient with me and everyone else who comes into Lamar Plaza. Just had to pick up a specialty prescription Matt sent down the street to Walgreens. It was a very clear reminder of why I left the big box pharmacies and went local. You take good care of us and we appreciate it!
What a great pharmacy! They carry so many natural alternatives to traditional methods of medicines, as well as your traditional box medications. I am so pleased with the service and wellness products every time I've been here. They carry natural alternatives to allergies, bug spray, kids attention boosters, NeuroTropics, essential oils, charcoal tooth powder, natural soaps and beauty products, etc....GF galore! A very clean establishment and easy to navigate floor space.
Love this neighborhood pharmacy! They always remember my name and are so friendly. Ashley is amazing at what she does and always has a smile on her face. They have gone over an above to make medications for my toddler who has a bad gag reflux and cannot take medications orally - popsicles and lollipops did the trick. Love supporting a local business rather than the big box pharmacies.
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