Acids and Alkalis

Acids are chemical compounds that always have hydrogen as part of their makeup. They have the ability to supply positively charged hydrogen ions in a chemical reaction. The degree of acidity is determined by the number of hydrogen ions in the solution. Acids give protons to a substance creating a “bonding” effect, as in bone or stone formation.


Alkalis, or what are called “bases” in chemistry, are negatively charged and are attracted to protons. Alkalis neutralize acids. An example of this would be the toxic acids created from digestion (e.g. sulfuric acid and phosphoric acids), which are converted to non-toxic salts when combined with alkaline electrolytes.


These non-toxic salts are then passed from the body through the kidneys. This neutralizing effect is vital because of the highly toxic and damaging effects these acids have upon the tissues of your body.


So let’s learn how you can maintain a healthy ratio of acid to alkalis in your organism.


PH Balance in the Body


The PH balance – the balance of alkalis and acids – within the body is vital and should be approximately 80% alkaline to 20% acidic. If we become too acidic from diet and lifestyle, we create too much of an anionic condition in the body, causing stone formation, tissue degeneration, and inflammation.


To reverse this is to alkalize, which is cationic and anti-inflammatory. This will break apart and liquefy calcium deposits, cellulite, and lipid stones. These deposits can form anywhere in the body, especially in the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.


This alkalization and neutralization of acids require the alkaline electrolytes. If you are not eating a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, you are not getting enough of these vital electrolytes.


Characteristics of Acids and Bases (Alkalis)


• Acids burn and inflame tissues causing tissue failure

• Alkalis are cool and anti-inflammatory to tissues

• Acids can destroy cells

• Alkalis can help heal tissues

• Acidosis and congestion is the root cause of 99.9% of all diseases


A great way to ensure you are maintaining alkaline body chemistry is by testing your ph levels periodically using test strips available at our Dripping Springs Pharmacy, and Lamar Plaza Drugstore locations.


We also have an array of highly alkaline-forming supplements to offer. One of our most popular is Premier Greens- a daily Greens Formula offered by Premier Research Labs. This formula contains amazing super nutrition greens known for their regenerative and alkalizing effects and is available in powder and capsule form.


Premier Greens Caps

Premier Greens Caps





Try to be conscious of the chemistry you ingest and put on your skin. Ask yourself, “Is this creating an acid or alkaline environment?” before you eat, think, or apply anything. All the little things we do add up to the big thing we call our health.


Be well,
Edwin Dossman