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Dark leafy greens offer countless health benefits. They are packed with minerals, phytochemicals and vitamins. They are also rich in fiber, folate, antioxidants and more. Dark leafy greens are important for a healthy, balanced diet. Premier Research Labs' Premier Greens Caps are natural greens supplements that support health and rejuvenation.

The Perfect Vegan Superfood

Premier Greens is nature’s amazing highly nutritious formula that supports optimal health and vitality. This amazing vegan friendly greens blend features pristine ingredients along with a garden blend of other synergists and cofactors to deliver the perfect vegan superfood that is free of gluten, made for the optimal nutritional effect.

Supporting the Natural Alkalinity of Your Body

Premier Greens is a living and organically grown blend of the finest, most pristine greens from the best sources. The spectacular, 100% vegeterian greens are carefully harvested and air-dried in low-temperature in order to preserve the broad array of naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in the most preferred form to help support the natural alkalinity of the body. Supporting the body daily with Premier Greens Caps is a great antidote to the Standard American Diet which contains high-protein and high acid-ash.

Vegan Friendly, Gluten-free & Organic Product

Premier Greens Caps is a live source, gluten-free, organic, vegan superfood. Premier Research Labs' quality guarantee ensures that Premier Greens meets FDA requirements for identity, purity, strength, and composition.

Made With The Ideal Plants
The nutrient content and phytochemical properties of the plants used can vary dramatically depending on how they are grown and harvested. Premier Greens use only those that are cultivated in accordance with high-quality standards.

Premier Greens Caps Product Highlights

- 100% Vegan
- Gluten-free
- Contains Organic Barley Grass
- Contains Organic Oat Grass
- Contains Organic Kale
- Contains Organic Chlorella
- Product is tested for identity, purity, strength and composition

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