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CinnDromeX - Glucose Metabolism Support

CinnDromeX - Glucose Metabolism Support

CinnDromeX™ contains large quantities of some of the key ingredients that help support healthy glucose metabolism, as well as insulin utilization. CinSulin® is a patented, water-soluble, 10:1 concentrated form of cinnamon that provides polyphenol polymers. Standardized American ginseng, as well as green tea, gymnema, and alpha-lipoic acid help protecting pancreatic cells, support your insulin sensitivity, and also provide antioxidant activity. Albion®’s TRAACS® patented chromium is added for its role in enhancing insulin activity.

Key benefits of CinnDromeX:
- Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism
- Supports Healthy Blood Lipid Levels Already in the Normal Range
- Improves/Maintains Healthy Nerve Function

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