Imagine you are headed out of the country on your long-deserved break from work. You board the plane and your excitement is rising as the plane gets ready to take off towards your exotic destination.


You are thinking about all the fun you will have on your two weeks of freedom in the sun and how you could use the rest and recovery time. Then, your train of thought is immediately interrupted by a cough behind you.


That cough turns into five more coughs, a sneeze, and the sound of a nose blowing into tissue. You realize that you are trapped directly in the line of fire for the next 6 hours of your flight, and this could potentially become your illness if your body can’t fight off the threat.


How To Boost Immune System Function?

Hand holding immune system boosting supplements


Any time you are facing a potential infection or illness, it is a good idea to add some immune-boosting supplements to your daily regimen.


Before you get on an airplane, go back to school in the middle of cold and flu season, visit your friend in the hospital, or decide to push yourself a little harder even though you feel under the weather, make sure your body has the resources it needs to stay healthy.


One product I like to use for preventative measure is Nucleo Immune by Premier Research Labs. This supplement features four different nucleotides including: adenosine, cytidine, guanosine, and uridine.


Nucleo Immune by Premier Research Labs

Available at Martin’s Wellness In Store & Online





What Are Nucleotides?

DNA double helix and Nucleotide function


These are tiny building blocks for nucleic acids RNA and DNA, which are the blueprints for every cell in your body. Nucleotides function as cellular signaling agents and enzymatic cofactors that help keep your body’s defenses strong.


Each of your trillion cells contain over 6 billion nucleotides. These building blocks are stored in a limited quantity and can be rapidly depleted.


Some of the main stressors that can deplete your store of nucleotides are:


⦁ Trauma


⦁ Surgery


⦁ Infection


⦁ Malnutrition.


The Benefits of Nucleotide Support

Woman inhaling contently, experiencing the benefits of well functioning Nucleotides


During a time of stress or exposure, supporting the body with nucleotides can promote cellular energy and protein synthesis. Research shows that nucleotides can help to rapidly overcome colds or flu, heal wounds & broken bones, instantaneously strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, neutralize toxins, and may even help to slow the aging process.


Nucleo Immune also contains a blend of herbs and enzymes that promote energy, digestive health, T-cell manufacture, and skin rejuvenation. This combination creates an optimal nucleotide/botanical formula that aids in prevention and cellular repair.


Boost Your Immune System Before It’s Too Late!

Father and Son happily waiting to board an airplane


So, before you step on that airplane for vacation or head back to the office in close quarters with co-workers and clients, take an immune-boosting supplement to prevent the setback of contagious illness. Your body will thank you and you may just avoid a cold all together this year!


-Written by Lauren Meyer


Lauren has an M.S. in Human Nutrition and is a CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist); she serves as a Wellness Consultant at two Martin’s Wellness Pharmacies, i.e. Dripping Springs Pharmacy in Dripping Springs and Lamar Plaza Drug Store in South Austin.