Welcome to part 2 of our DCI Series, where we explore the benefits of DCI (D-Chiro-Inositol) and its impact on your wellbeing.


First, we discussed DCI in relation to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Metabolic Syndrome. And, for this second blog, we want to address the topic of Autophagy.


Studies are now showing that D-Chiro-Inositol increases autophagy. Autopha - what??? It’s a hard word to say and even harder to understand.


What is Autophagy?


Girl walking down the rabbit hole learning more about Autophagy


Okay, here we go down the rabbit hole...


As a normal part of metabolic processes in the human body, cells are constantly becoming damaged. It gets worse as we age, experience stress, and deal with more and more free radical damage (which we have discussed before in previous blogs).


This is where the autophagy comes in. Simply put autophagy is the body’s housekeeping mechanism which involves clearing damaged cells from the body, including old cells that serve no functional purpose, but still linger inside tissues and organs.


The reason it’s so important to remove old and damaged cells is because they can trigger inflammatory pathways and contribute to various diseases.


The Autophagy Process

 The Autophagy Process


The autophagy process basically works by using waste produced inside cells to create new “building materials” that aid in repair and regeneration, which is the cool thing about our housekeeping system. It’s our body’s most efficient cellular recycling program.


Research shows the autophagy process:


⦁ Regulates the functions of the cells’ mitochondria (the powerplant of the cell), which help produce energy, while preventing damage by oxidative stress (internal rust).


⦁ Clears damaged endoplasmic reticulum, which is a system of cavities and tiny connecting canals that occupy much of the internal fluid of the cell and functions, especially in the movement of materials within the cell.


⦁ Protects the nervous system and encourages growth of brain and nerve cells, improving cognitive function, brain structure and neuroplasticity.


⦁ Supports growth of heart cells and protects against heart disease.


⦁ Enhances the immune system by eliminating intracellular pathogens (foreign invaders).


⦁ Defends against misfolded, toxic proteins that contribute to a number of amyloid diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


⦁ Protects the stability of DNA.


⦁ Prevents damage to healthy tissues and organs.


⦁ Potentially fights cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and other illnesses.


How To Increase DCI & Autophagy

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Dr. Stuart has just formulated an new Neuro Biologix DCI formula Metabolic Stimulator, which combines D-Chiro-Inositol and 4 other nutrient cofactors to enhance the necessary biochemical steps needed for intracellular energy.


Metabolic Stimulator by Neuro Biologix

*Consult a Martin’s Wellness Pharmacist for more information about this product.


Following a well-balanced diet and daily exercise can positively impact your metabolism. Adding Metabolic Stimulator to your daily routine could help regulate glucose levels and ensure insulin functions remain at their highest capabilities, as well as support autophagy and help to reduce inflammation.


Best of Health!

Radhia Gleis


Radhia Gleis, PhD, Med, CCN, is a certified Clinical Nutritionist/Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Director for Martins Compounding & Wellness Pharmacies with three locations in the Austin area.