The Endocrine Glandular system is the most overlooked system in the body, even though it is the “master computer” of human physical life.


It communicates to your cells - it tells them what to do, and how much they should do, through the release of hormones like steroids, neurotransmitters, serotonins, etc.


Your principal endocrine glands are the adrenal glands, pancreas, thymus, thyroid/parathyroid, the testes, ovaries, and the great master gland, the pituitary. Up until the last ten to twenty five years degenerative conditions in these glands were mostly found in the elderly.


Today, because of our lifestyles, diets, and especially because of genetic weaknesses, these glands have become weakened to the point where even infants have chronic and degenerative conditions.


What Are Adaptogenic Herbs


Using adaptogenic herbs is a good way to help balance one’s endocrine system. The term “adaptogen” is an herbal concept that refers to herbs that are non-toxic, not limited to a specific organ or tissue, and reduce the impact of stress within the body.


In general, adaptogenic herbs raise a person’s vitality and resistance to illness, and possess properties that assist the body to adjust or adapt to it’s personal environment. The core of their action appears to be in helping the body deal with stress through a restorative influence on adrenal gland function, increasing the biosynthesis of protein, and stimulating the activity of the (thymus, spleen, lymphatic system).


It is important to note that although adaptogens are stimulating, they are not nervine stimulants like coffee and tobacco; rather they nourish, strengthen, rejuvenate, and enhance wellbeing.


The stress response is a normal function of physiology, but when stress becomes excessive or prolonged, the symptoms that manifest become the indicator that the body is not able to adapt, resist or recover. Stress exposes our weaknesses, and in excess it will disrupt homeostasis and produce pathological changes.


From this perspective, the role of an adaptogenic formula is an effective way to improve the function of the nerves, endocrine, and immune systems.


A couple of products we have discovered and sell at Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy that address the endocrine system effectively are called Vigor, and Yinergy created by Dr. Vims.


The Vigor formula is designed for men and the Yinergy formulation is created for women. Both formulas address the same systems but take into account the need to alter formulation based on gender specific needs. These formulas have powerfully concentrated high quality adaptogenic herbal blends with the potential to impact the system in a very significant way.


Adaptogenic Products


Yinergy - Adaptogenic herbs for female hormone balance 

Yinergy - Adaptogenic herbs for
female hormone balance


Yours in health,
Edwin Dossman