The kidneys are two of the most overworked, and underloved organs in your body. But, these often overlooked organs have a great deal to do with your overall health and wellbeing.

Kidney health is something you probably don’t think about on a regular basis, so we want to give you a quick Kidney Crash Course, so you can better understand how these hard-working organs function.

We also want to help you avoid foods that can cause low kidney function, identify the signs of kidney problems, and give you some tips on how to keep those kidneys functioning at peak performance.


Structure and Function of Kidneys


Inside the kidneys, there are nephrons, which are tiny filters responsible for catching all the wastes your body can’t use, and sending it out through the urine.

The kidneys channel the blood to eliminate any waste and components that are not absorbed, which they convert into the urine. Urine is conveyed from every kidney, through a cylinder called a ureter to the bladder. The ureter and veins enter and leave the kidney through the renal hilum.

Kidneys filter your blood and help get rid of the metabolic waste products created by the cells.


Foods To Avoid For Kidney Health

coffee and chocolate - foods to avoid for kidney health


What you choose to eat and drink can greatly affect the health of your organs, and may cause kidney problems down the line. Your kidneys are very sensitive to acidosis from excess:










⦁Carbonated drinks


Most people who consume these types of “foods” in excess, after a while, experience inflammation, and this can cause trouble in many ways.


Symptoms of Decreased Kidney Function

Person with lower back pain, a symptom of low kidney function


Your kidneys are the main eliminative organs for your body’s lymphatic system (sewer system). If they lose their ability to filter cellular wastes (acids) to the outside world, this backup of acids creates inflammation. Low kidney function can affect your body in a number of ways, including:


⦁Lower back pain


⦁Bags under eyes


⦁Vision issues


⦁Kidney stones








⦁Poor Bone and Mineral Metabolism


These signs of kidney problems are something to look out for. If you are experiencing them, from this point forward, pain is a reality, as well as swelling, and the destruction of the tissues involved. This inflammation ultimately becomes systemic affecting one from head to toe.


How to Promote Kidney Health


Systemic alkalization is essential for kidney health and regeneration. This is accomplished largely by what one consumes. The best approach to keeping your kidneys happy is to:


⦁ Stay fit

⦁ Monitor your blood sugar

⦁ Monitor your blood pressure

⦁ Maintain a healthy diet

⦁ Make sure to stay hydrated

⦁ Monitor the intake of OTC pills

⦁ Avoid smoking, it’s just not good for you

⦁ Detox regularly, supplements might help


Kidney Health Supplements

 Supplements in the shape of kidneys


It is a must to use a quality herbal formula designed to clean, strengthen, and regenerate these dynamic organs.


One of the most successful products in my experience at Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy to achieve the detoxification and regenerative goals for the kidneys has been a product called RenaVen by Premier Research Labs.



RenaVen by Premier Research Labs

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This premier quality, broad-spectrum formula offers effective support for optimal kidney health. Help to restore proper function with herbs, and enjoy a measurable improvement in the quality of your life.


Best in Health,

Edwin Dossman


Edwin has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology from Texas Tech University and has been a Wellness Consultant for over 23 years. He is an expert in human physiology and holistic approaches to health.