When you stop to think about it, the body has two predominant types of waste (by-products) to get rid of:


Digestive wastes - these are by-products of digestion of what you consume or don’t absorb. These wastes are removed by the large intestine (the colon). The liver can dump by-products this way as well.


Cellular wastes - These wastes and by-products come from the cells and their metabolic processes. Consider that your physical body has over one hundred trillion cells that make up all the tissues, organs, glands, structures, etc. Each cell produces waste - This is a lot of waste!


There are other minor wastes from bacteria, fungus, and other actions and/or parasites. These wastes, as well as a lot of cellular wastes, are processed via the lymphatic system, and from there are filtered through the kidneys, or out from the skin (often referred to as the body’s “third kidney”).


Ignoring the lymphatic system and the waste it must dispose of and focusing strictly on the blood & colon, the medical profession (and many holistic practitioners) have overlooked the essential issue of your body’s great sewer and main immune system (The Lymphatic System).


What is the function of the kidneys?

Your kidneys are the main eliminative organs for your body’s Lymphatic system. When your kidneys lose their ability to filter the cellular wastes (acids) out of your body, they back up just as sewage from any other sewer system would.


This backing up of acids can contribute greatly to the creation of systemic inflammation. From this point forward pain can become a reality, as well as swelling and the destruction of the respective tissues.


How to improve kidney function?

It is of great benefit to our long term health program to focus on the regeneration of these vital organs. First, and foremost it is our diets that determine the health and efficiency of our kidneys.


Excessive protein and an abundance of denatured acid-forming foods compromise the kidney’s ability to handle their workload to a great extent. Water-rich, raw, fruits, vegetables, and herbs help create the ideal environment for kidney rejuvenation.


Kidney Tonic from Herbs Etc. is an excellent product we have available here at Dripping Springs Pharmacy. It is an herbal formulation designed to promote healthy kidney function and, when used over a period of time, strengthens the entire urinary system. Useful for lower back pain, water retention, and inflammatory conditions.



Kidney Tonic by Herbs Etc.

Kidney Tonic by Herbs Etc.






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