What Role Does Selenium Play in the Body?

Selenium is an extremely vital trace mineral for the human body. It increases immunity, takes part in antioxidant activity, and is crucial for maintaining thyroid health. Selenium is found naturally in the soil and therefore, in some of your foods.


Unfortunately, many of our soils have been depleted of valuable nutrients and minerals over time due to our modern agricultural practices. Your food may not contain the same amount of selenium that it did 50 years ago. Although there are many groceries that contain this mineral, introducing a supplement into your regular diet is probably a smart idea.


Here are some of the foods that should be high in Selenium.


Benefits of Selenium for Thyroid

So, what role does selenium play in the body?


Selenium plays a huge protective role because it increases antioxidant capabilities and blood flow, enhancing the body’s resistance to stress. One important organ affected by selenium is the thyroid, which helps regulate your metabolism and energy levels.


Selenium is a crucial component of the enzyme that converts T4 (inactive hormone) to T3 (active hormone) in the body. A deficiency in selenium can result in less active thyroid hormone available which will result in symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, constipation, and muscle weakness.


Studies show that selenium may be especially helpful if you have a weak immune system or a history of cancer in your family. 200 mcg a day of selenium can be effective in protecting DNA, which reduces the risk of cell mutation and cancer development. As an important cofactor, selenium attaches to glutathione and works to reduce and repair the damage done by free radicals in the body.


Selenium (selenomethionine) by Pure Encapsulations is my favorite choice for a selenium supplement to maximize your thyroid function and give your antioxidants a boost for your journey to healing.


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Selenium Supplement - Pure Encapsulations

Selenium Supplement - Pure Encapsulations