There is no question that health is one of our greatest assets. Many refer to the body as a temple or a vehicle that carries around the true self while we are on this planet. So let’s explore an approach to achieving and maintaining our health and vitality in an efficient and streamlined way. Let’s see what are the foundations of a healthy, fulfilling life.


We all have probably learned so far that without a good solid foundation - structures fall.



A Healthy Diet Plan is Key

There have been thousands of books written about health and nutrition. Most of which are variations on other people’s old ideas that never seem to change. There are even some that are plainly foolish. On the shelves of your local bookstores, you will find books on diets by blood types, mega-dosing with vitamins/minerals, high protein diets, and the like, and it becomes utterly confusing with all of this speculation.


A more balanced approach is simple: Eat the foods that are biologically suited for your species.


Which species is that? - You may ask. The Homo sapien is most closely related in DNA, anatomy, and physiology to the members of the Primate family. These fellows follow a diet mainly consisting of the following, in their most whole and raw form:

• Fruits

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Sweet vegetables

• Herbs


The human being is the only species on the planet that seems confused about what to eat. We should look to nature for our answers and do our best to duplicate it. When we are well aligned with nature health remains our birthright.



Filling in the Gaps with Natural Supplements

Nutritional supplements are now a crucial part of a healthy diet because the nutrients in our food supply have been so compromised by factory farming techniques more interested in yield, than the overall quality of the produce.


Even if our diets are perfect it is no guarantee that we are ingesting what food is intended to yield in terms of vitamins, minerals, enzymatic activity, antioxidants, etc. The proper approach to protecting our health from the uncertainty around nutrient values of our food is to have a strong foundation of live-sourced superfoods at the base of our health programs.


Premier Research Labs (Super Food Trio: Premier Greens, Coral Legend Plus, Premier EFA’s)

Premier Greens - Complete superfood blend live-source vitamins and minerals for high energy, brain, and full-body rejuvenation; nature’s most advanced plant foods for great health, wellness, and DNA rejuvenation; contains every nutrient essential for life.


Coral Legend Plus - Highly alkalizing live-source calcium for bone, joint, alkaline PH support. The best minerals found on earth 100% pure Japanese coral minerals famous for rapidly promoting an optimal alkaline PH.


Premier EFA’s - Life-essential fatty acids for a super healthy brain and body. It contains ideal ratios of Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids.


These three products together offer a very stable foundation for building one’s health. The true wealth in this life is a happy healthy body. Come in and see us at Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy locations: Dripping Springs Pharmacy, and Lamar Plaza Drugstore. We have Wellness Consultants on staff trained to handle any questions you may have.


Be Well,
Edwin Dossman