There is a myth about the need for “complete” amino acids or “complete proteins” in the human diet. We in the “health world” have struggled with this myth for decades. Basically, the false information states that unless you eat foods containing all the essential amino acids in one meal you will not have what you need to create a “complete protein” and therefore your body will be protein deficient.


This is one of the primary arguments for the consumption of meat and dairy products, or the consumption of soy products, and white flour. But let’s take a look at examples from the world around us to help us better understand the mythical concept of Complete Protein.


Complete Protein Examples


• What is the diet of a wild horse, an elephant, or a cow? These are herbivores and their strength is well known. Their diet is 100% grass and vegetable matter. If they needed the “complete protein” that is claimed, they must be getting it from plants.


• 70 to 80 percent of a grizzly bear’s diet is grass. Bears don’t eat much meat. When they do it’s generally the fat (not the protein) that they are after. Bears are omnivores, not carnivores.


• We are the highest species in the frugivore category, which is not designed to eat high protein foods.


When you take a look at the above-listed examples, it’s almost obvious why you should question the complete protein myth, and educate yourself more about proper nutrition.


Those who eat a balanced variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts are never deficient in the amino acids necessary for health. Quite the opposite. Plant amino acids are more energetic and easy for your body to breakdown and use.


Animal proteins require a more radical and energy-robbing digestive process to obtain the amino acids that comprise it. The other important factor here is that animal-based protein leaves an acid reaction in the body, creating more acidosis, whereas vegetables leave an alkaline reaction, thus cutting acidosis. Built-up acids over time create inflammation.


A protein structure is not useable by the body and must be broken down into its simplest compounds called amino acids before the body can use them at all. This process requires energy instead of yielding energy.


How to Ensure Proper Protein Intake?

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