It is estimated that 15%-30% of the American population regularly suffers from symptoms of acid reflux, which is a result of acidosis of the stomach and intestinal tract. We create this condition in our systems in many ways through wrong food choices or combinations which cause fermentation and putrefaction.


What Causes Heartburn?


Eating too much acid-forming food creates heartburn. This is especially prevalent in heavy meat eaters where hydrochloric acid is overproduced in the stomach. Eating too many acid-forming grain products and/or cooked tomatoes can cause severe acid reflux.


Many lack sufficient pancreatic enzymes which cause poor digestion, which can also contribute to the creation of heartburn and gas. Poor production of sodium bicarbonate from the pancreas, as well as poor bile flow or production from the liver/gallbladder also causes acid reflux. Many times, gall stones block the bile duct so that the bile flow is restricted.


Additionally, a weak sphincter muscle (like a door) between the esophagus and stomach allows stomach acids to regurgitate back up the esophagus yielding acid reflux.


Acid Reflux Dietary Modification


There are many contributing factors in the creation of the acid reflux condition, most if not all of the symptoms we experience can be handled with the changing of our diet. It is a good idea to familiarize ourselves with the basic chemical makeup of the foods that cause acid reflux, that we regularly consume. We might be shocked to discover that more than 90% of our consumption is acidic in nature.


Our systems like to be balanced 80% alkaline-forming to 20% acid-forming foods. We have copies of an Acid/Alkaline food chart at our Dripping Springs Pharmacy, and Lamar Plaza Drugstore locations if you would like a reference for this information. When our systems are the proper PH everything cools off, calms down, and heals up.


The changing of our diets is a process and practice so it is important especially in the case of an acute condition of acid reflux to have something on hand to put that fire out.


One of our favorite products for the acid reflux treatment amongst the Martin’s Wellness staff is DGL Plus by Pure Encapsulations. This is a simple but powerful formula and has been reported to work almost immediately, using some of the most effective antacid herbs on the planet.


Pure Encapsulations - DGL Plus

Pure Encapsulations - DGL Plus





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Be Well,
Edwin Dossman