“Walking is man's best medicine.”



The Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates of Kos, was the first to approach disease rationally rather than spiritually. Until the age 430 BC, the general public believed gods and demons were behind their colds, flues and other illnesses. Hippocrates was a revolutionary figure in the history of the medicine because he established the practice of using common sense when it comes to health.


So, if there is a rational reason for being unhealthy, then there must be a rational reason for being healthy. It’s simple - healthy habits lead to a healthy life!


But what are these healthy habits? We all know the benefits of diet and exercise. But, is there more?


Sometimes the oddest things can contribute to our mental and physical wellness. The most unexpected, even contrary, methods can help. One person’s vice is another’s virtue. For instance, Eugene Ruf, a WWII veteran from San Antonio, lived until he was 108! He claimed women and vodka were the source of his longevity. While we wouldn’t recommend taking advice from such a character, with all due respect, we still want to share a few unusual habits of healthy people that you can apply to your everyday life.

10 Unusual Habits of Healthy People:

1) Eat all day


We all have those friends who eat constantly but never gain any weight. Contrary to what you might think, it’s eating all the time that keeps them fit.


By eating at least 5 times per day, in smaller portions, you speed up your metabolism. It teaches your body to get rid of unwanted ingredients faster. It’s a simple hack, yet very effective.


2) Take freezing showers


As unwelcoming as it sounds, taking a cold shower in the morning is far better than a hot shower.


Hot water makes your skin dry, but a cold shower refines both hair and skin. It also enhances your immune system and even stimulates weight loss. Who would’ve thought?!


3) Wash your hands more


How often should you wash your hands? Doctors say washing your hands 6 times a day is the bare minimum.


By washing your hands frequently (and not just when handling food), you are reducing the risk of respiratory infections, eye infections, and even inflammation. It takes only 15 seconds to wash away all the bacteria. So, that’s an easy 2 minute daily habit to adopt.


4) Take naps


Sleeping cycles are a thing of wonder. Some people can feel refreshed and productive after only 4 hours of sleep, while the others can sleep the whole weekend and still not feel refreshed.


However, taking short naps can improve your memory, alertness and productivity. A 10 minute nap is more than enough to make you feel brand new. But be careful, if you nap longer than 30 minutes, your body will fight to stay asleep. You snooze too much; you lose.


5) Sleep without a pillow


If your neck and back hurt in the morning, it’s common sense to assume your comfy pillow is the culprit. The fact is we’re not meant to enjoy so much comfort.


Human’s natural sleeping position includes no additional support. If you can get comfortable sleeping without a pillow, you will strengthen your spine, improve the quality of your sleep, and even prevent acne! That’s right. The #1 cause of acne is a dirty pillowcase. (ew)


6) Sleep with a pillow!


If you are not sleeping with your head on a pillow, but your lower back still hurts, it might be your sleeping position.


If you are sleeping on your stomach, for example, you are curving your spine in an unnatural way, and over time it can cause lower back pain. Ideally, you want to sleep on your back and put the pillow beneath your knees. This position helps the spine naturally relax, which you will surely feel in the morning.


7) Walk barefoot


If you wish to have the ideal posture, you’ll be glad to know the road to a perfect stance isn’t long! You just have to get there walking barefoot.


Barefoot walking strengthens the muscles, improves balance and stimulates circulation. Not only will your body begin to respond to these impulses, but you will also improve your immune system. And with summer around the corner, you have a good excuse to dig your toes in the sand on a nice beach.


8) Smell oranges


A tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is the best breakfast you can have. And believe it or not, smelling that orange before squeezing it is also beneficial for your health.


Several studies confirmed that the scent of an orange can help people reduce stress and relax. And if you prefer apples, smelling this fruit is an ancient cure for a headache.


9) Shop on a full stomach


This “unusual habit” helps your diet and your wallet. So it’s a win-win situation, and it’s quite simple - never buy groceries while hungry.


Grocery shopping on a full stomach helps you choose healthier, smarter, options over sweets and junk food, which you crave more when hungry. A few studies confirm that shopping on an empty stomach is one of the main reasons behind poor diets.


10) Never get diagnosed by Google


“What is this rash?” can quickly become “Terminal illness confirmed.” when googling your symptoms. Panicking won’t get you anywhere. If you believe you are sick, don’t waste your time on unfounded research and visit a medically trained professional.


Google is a great educational tool, but self-diagnosing your illness and, god forbid, treating yourself based on speculation is not a healthy habit. Nor is it an unusual one as it seems. Almost 1 in 4 people with access to internet will diagnose themselves without visiting a doctor, believe it or not.


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