What is a Predictive Genomic Comprehensive Assessment?


Now, for the first time in history we can predict, with increasing precision, a slew of information about your health using DNA testing, or Predictive Genomic Comprehensive Assessment. The results can answer questions like:


  • • who is more likely to develop specific diseases
  • • who will respond positively or negatively to a particular drug or supplement therapy
  • • which nutrients are optimal for a specific individual’s treatment, health, and well-being.


What Makes My DNA Unique?


The unique features of an individual are largely due to variations in the genetic code, known as “polymorphisms”. Polymorphisms are not rare. Up to 50% of the population may have a specific genetic variations. In each genome we find what is called SNPs, (pronounced snips) which stands for singular nucleotide polymorphism.


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What’s The Best DNA Test?


A convenient and widely trusted genomic test we suggest is 23andMe. The name comes from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the average human cell, and you can order the test online.



How to Understand My DNA Test Results?


How to Understand My DNA Test Results?


Wading through the deluge of genetic data from your 23andMe report can be overwhelming.And just because you have a particular SNP does not mean it is being expressed at this moment.


So, Martin’s Wellness now offers a comprehensive evaluation of your 23andMe raw data, along with a symptom survey and urine test, in order to align your symptoms and test results to your DNA priorities.


How Does the Martin’s Wellness Evaluation Relate to the DNA Test?


Our test is a urinary assessment of 39 key organic acids, grouped according to their primary roles in the following four central areas of metabolism:


  • • gastrointestinal function
  • • cellular energy production
  • • neurotransmitter processing
  • • and amino acid/organic acid balance as influenced by vitamin/mineral cofactors.


This test compares your Genomic profile with your urine test results. In other words, it helps determine whether an SNP is expressed or not. This is where we can customize your supplement needs according to what is happening right now.


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Through the questionnaire and the test results, we will determine what your strategy and protocol should be, in order to optimize your health going forward.


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