Here at Martin's Wellness, we continually strive to provide innovative healthcare and wellness treatments for our customers and our community. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our partnership with Nimbus Healthcare to offer cutting-edge testing solutions both in our retail stores and online.

Nimbus Healthcare provides personalized in-home testing, telehealth consultations and results for men and women. Our medical professionals then use those results to prescribe customized treatments for hair loss, hormone imbalance and more. And, we want to give you a chance to try these groundbreaking tests for free with this month’s giveaway!

Enter now to win a FREE hair loss or hormone test kit complete with physician visit! The more you enter and share the giveaway, the more chances you will have to win.

How Nimbus Works

Each Nimbus Healthcare test kit provides you with a comprehensive, customized approach to your health. With your kit by you’ll receive:

  • • Test Kit
  • • Convenient telehealth visits with licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in hormone therapy and hair loss 
  • • Customized Prescription or supplements if necessary & refills 

Our goal is to help our customers feel and perform their best by offering these personalized bio-identical hormone optimization, and hair restoration therapies. If you're experiencing hair loss or hormone imbalances that are affecting your quality of life, a Nimbus Healthcare at-home test kit may be the key to unlocking the information you need to start feeling your best.

To learn more about our Nimbus Testing brand and solutions, head over to our Brand Page: