Just as we eliminate our wastes into a toilet, each one of your 50+ trillions cells eliminate their wastes into the lymphatic system. These wastes are carried out to the lymph nodes by the lymph vessels, in the same way as the sewer pipes in a house would carry wastes to a septic tank.

Just as bacteria in a septic tank breaks down waste, the bacterium in a lymph node breaks down acid wastes, while macrophages destroy damaged cells. After being broken down, final elimination takes place as the lymph filters out the final by-products via the kidneys, or the skin (especially if the kidneys are weakened/or overloaded), the same way waste from a home would pass from the septic tank to a leach field to be dispersed to the ground.

Lymphatic System Function

When you stop to think about it the human body is like a city unto itself. Imagine your lymphatic and immune system as sanitation department and police force, all in one. Lymphatic system picks the trash up from each household (cell) in the city. Trash will, of course, vary based on the “lifestyle” of each household (cell). The lymphatic system, along with it’s immune cells, has the job of protecting and keeping your body clean.

City as a metaphor for lymphatic and immune system function

Clogged Lymphatic System

Many foods that people ritualistically eat clog and overburden the lymphatic system. Colds, flu, allergies, sinus congestion, bronchitis, lung issues-including pneumonia, and asthma along with mumps, tumors, boils, skin rashes, dandruff, etc. are nothing more than an overburdened congested lymph system. All dairy products (especially pasteurized), refined carbohydrates, irritants (peppers, cola, etc.), toxic chemicals, excessive protein cause a lymphatic response of the mucosa, namely excessive mucus production.

Your lymphatic system’s job is to try to stop the attack within the tissues of the body. However, once the body becomes over filled with this mucus from the lymph system, the mucus itself becomes the problem. It can block proper cellular function, causing hypoactivity of the organs or glands.

Lymphatic System Cleanse

How to help an overburdened lymphatic system? First, and of foremost importance is the diet of the individual. A simple whole food plant based diet low in mucus forming foods would be ideal. I like using botanicals to help with a congested lymphatic system as well.

We have a great herbal line called Weed Botanical Co. here at Martin’s Wellness Pharmacy. We have this company’s targeted organic herbal formulations for the main body systems. The Lymphatic Formula is top notch in effectiveness, also remember to always support the kidneys and adrenals when addressing the lymphatic system to insure the congestion has a way out of the body once you loosen it up. This “way out” is through the kidneys which are powered by the adrenal glands, and through the skin.

The Weed Botanical Co. Adaptogen, and Kidney Health Formulas would be a perfect accompaniment to the Lymphatic Formulation.

Be well, Edwin Dossman