Do you or your family members have sensitivities to lactose, gluten, dyes, or other allergens which complicate the use of certain commercial medications?  Does your pet refuse to swallow medications in tablet form?  Does your young child have a need for a specialty medication that is not commercially made in a dose or form appropriate for pediatric patients?  These are a few examples in which our pharmacy can customize medications for your special needs. 


Not all pharmacies have the training or facilities to compound medications, but our three Martin’s Compounding & Wellness Center Pharmacies provide the highest level of expertise and routinely consult with patients and their physicians to meet special needs. Our pharmacy compounding specialists combine ancient medicinal art methods with modern state-of-the art technology to create your specialty compounds.  Examples of the types of services we can provide include:


*specialty suspension flavorings, such as tutti-frutti for children; raspberry for adults; chicken for canines; or fish for felines.

*solutions to other palatability or dosing issues:  rapid-dissolve tablets or troches, suppositories, topically applied bioidentical hormones, and beef-flavored capsules for dogs are examples.

*elimination of lactose, gluten, dyes, artificial additives, and other allergens from human medications.

*formulation of an exact strength, dose, or dosage form not available commercially.


Our compounding team develops solutions for chronic pain management, wound therapy, dermatology, hormonal therapy, and veterinary care amongst other conditions.  Martin’s Wellness has three locations which provide services in the greater Austin area:  Dripping Springs Pharmacy, Lamar Plaza Drugstore, and Lake Hills Pharmacy.  No appointment is necessary, and telephone or in-store consultation with the pharmacist and compounding technician will ensure compounded solutions customized to meet your needs. 


Visit a Martin’s Wellness location in person or by telephone for assistance with your compounding needs. We are your passport to health.


Angela Solis, RPh

Martin's Wellness

Angela Solis is a clinical pharmacist, and a compounding and immunization consultant for Martin’s Compounding & Wellness Pharmacies with three locations in the Austin area.   Contact [email protected]