Are your allergies out of control? Are you looking for a little immune boost?  What if you could both regulate your immune function and curtail allergies at the same time? Immuno PRP Spray is a bovine colostrum immune balancing suppplement containing proline-rich polypeptides(PRP's), which help to modulate normal immune responses.  PRP's are information carrying proteins (peptides) with amazing adaptability.  PRP's help regulate the thymus gland (the body's central command for the immune system), stimulating an underactive immune system or down regulating an overactive immune system.  They inhibit the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells, and may help reduce minor symptoms related to allergies and inflammation.  Stop by any Martin's Compounding Pharmacy and pick some up today!


Fon Walters

Wellness Consultant

Martin's Wellness