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Premier AdrenaVen supports healthy adrenal and thyroid function and will aid in increased energy, deeper and more restful sleep, enhanced mood and memory function, and much more. Ideal for anyone suffering with chronic stress and exhaustion. (Previously Quantum Adrenal Complex)

AdrenaVen™ is a premier nutraceutical formula that is designed to support healthy adrenal glands. Using a synergistic blend of super phytonutrients and adaptogenic herbs, it supports and strengthens the adrenal glands. Incorporating the latest research from China, and the most recent clinical findings has lead to producing the super potent cordyceps formula - AdrenaVen.

AdrenaVen is modular in design, meaning that it is compatible with any other cellular resonant supplement. For example, when it is used together with Premier Adaptogen™ (support for pituitary/adrenal axis), less AdrenaVen may be needed. It delivers all the benefits best when used with magnesium, vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, Tyrosine and Salt providing an optimal nutritional foundation for your adrenals when they need it the most.

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