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BIOTIN 8 MG 120 CAPS - Pure Encapsulations

Biotin promotes healthy glucose metabolism, nerve health, and helps support healthy nails.


Biotin belongs to the vitamin B family and is also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H, as well as a water-soluble B vitamin.

By supporting nerve cell health, Biotin promotes the overall nervous system function. Studies have shown that it also positively affects healthy glucose and lipid metabolisms. As a co-factor for the metabolization of the carbohydrates, proteins‚ and fats‚ it helps maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day.

Biotin promotes hair strength and thickness by improving its keratin structure. Simultaneously, it helps reduce hair-splitting. This vitamin also strengthens nails by modifying the cellular organization of the nail bed.

Pure Encapsulation Biotin is vegan-friendly and free of allergens, artificial colors and sweeteners, and GMOs.
Recommended daily dosage includes 1 capsule 1 or 2 times per day.

Pure Encapsulations Biotin 8 mg Benefits:

- Promotes the body's metabolism of nutrients
- Helps support healthy hair, skin and nails
- Helps maintain a healthy nervous system
- Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients

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