Probiotics help keep your gut happy and improve your overall health. And, we want you to get the most out of these balancing microorganisms. So, Let’s dispel some of the myths surrounding probiotics. We’ve got the answers to all your questions right here!


What happens if you don't refrigerate probiotics?

The old idea that only refrigerated probiotics are good was prevalent for so long many people to this day still do not trust a probiotic that is not refrigerated. As a result, some companies continue to offer probiotics that need to be refrigerated, further perpetuating this myth.


woman contemplating in front of a refrigerator- wondering if she should refrigerate her probiotics.


Should Probiotics be Kept in the Refrigerator?

It was commonly understood that if the probiotics weren’t refrigerated, there was a good chance the bacteria would die off. This may have been true twenty years ago, however, technology has been developed to allow today’s probiotics to remain stable at room temperature.


Think of it as suspended animation, instead of cold storage. The need for refrigeration will vary from product to product. So, the next time you wonder, "Does my probiotic need to be refrigerated?" simply take a look at the label. If it doesn’t say anything about refrigeration, you can assume it’s not needed.


Does Yogurt Have Probiotics?

Another myth is that you can eat a little yogurt and you will get all the friendly bacteria your body requires. But how much beneficial gut bacteria you are really getting from yogurt? First of all, it depends on which yogurt you’re eating.


two jars of yogurt, a source of probiotics containing active, live cultures


Do all yogurts contain probiotics?

Most commercial yogurt is dead and/or full of sugar and other counterproductive additives. One way of telling whether your yogurt is alive is to set it out on the counter for four hours, if it bubbles it’s alive, if it doesn’t -- it’s dead as a doornail. The yogurt only contains probiotics if the label specifies that it “contains active, live cultures.” Any type of heat pasteurization or sterilization kills the bacteria, rendering it useless. And then again, it is not required to specify which bacteria are in your yogurt.


So how do you know whether you’re getting what you need?

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