Recently a client came to me and said, “I’m driven by cravings and need sugary foods. I feel like I should be able to resist it, but I can’t and things keep getting worse? I feel depressed, I overeat, I get headaches, tired, irritability, mental fogginess, and, lethargy. Is there such a thing as sugar addiction?”

Some people really are addicted to sugar; trying to tell them not to eat sugar is like telling a drug addict to simply stop taking their drug. Why? Because sugar addiction, like food intolerances, affects the same biochemical systems in your body as highly addictive drugs. Cutting down on sugar can cause withdrawal symptoms, but they don’t last long, and once you have got through it you will feel like a new you!

By slowly changing when and what we eat, we can change how we feel – dramatically! Low glycemic load (GL) diets such as the Ultra Lite Diet are the most effective as they are based on one principle: If you lose blood sugar control, you gain weight, and feel hungry and tired. If you gain blood sugar control, you lose weight, feel happy and full of energy.

However, I recommend a food intolerance test as well. Food intolerances trigger the immune system and once an immune response is triggered in the body the body feels that it is ‘under siege’ thus hoarding supplies, storing fluid and increasing weight.