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STRONTIUM CITRATE 90 CAPS - Pure Encapsulations

The trace mineral strontium supports healthy osteoblast differentiation, osteoblast collagen formation, and balanced osteoclast activity while maintaining bone tensile strength.

Maintaining bone strength is essential for overall well-being. It can allow you to stay active by preventing falls or breaks that may put you out of commission.

Some nutrients are well known for their positive impact on bone health. These include calcium‚ magnesium‚ and vitamin D. A less widely renowned element is strontium. Strontium is a trace mineral‚ meaning that your body only requires small amounts of it; however‚ this small quantity is essential.

Throughout the human body‚ strontium is transported using the same receptors and molecules as calcium‚ meaning that it may be able to serve as a substitute. It supports bones by promoting balanced osteoclast activity and osteoblast differentiation. Osteoblasts are large cells that synthesize and and mineralize bones when they are forming and being remodeled. Strontium can support healthy hip bones in postmenopausal women by helping maintain bone mass‚ which could be especially helpful‚ given that bone mass tends to decline naturally with age.

A supplement like Pure Encapsulations' Strontium (Citrate) provides an easily absorbed form of this trace element. The strontium in every capsule is derived from natural mineral deposits. While you can find strontium in dietary sources like spinach or kale‚ you'd have to eat about 21 pounds of spinach on a daily basis in order to get enough from foods.

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