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DIGEST 60 CAPS - Premier Research Lab

Premier Digest is used to promote proper digestion and a healthy digestive tract. These capsules contain a unique plant enzyme blend that consists of the natural enzymes needed to help you digest food.

ALL NATURAL VEGETARIAN ENZYMES Premier Digest is a complete, high potency formula that delivers a broad spectrum profile of the most potent and pure source of vegetarian enzymes to support the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and dairy. Premier Digest is the realization of a breakthrough fermentation process yielding all natural vegetarian enzymes. This proprietary process yields highly purified enzymes, free of any residual solvents, antibiotics or molds – verified by independent testing according to usp guidelines and standards. ALL-IN-ONE DIGESTIVE SUPPORT FORMULA Premier Digest features Lipase enzymes to promote the breakdown of fats. Amylase enzymes promote polysaccharide breakdown of starch and glycogen. Invertase and lactase enzymes support digestion of carbohydrate disaccharides, including dairy. Cellulase enzymes help break down plant cell wall components, promoting nutrient bioavailability of foods that contain fiber.
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