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POTASSIUM CITRATE 200 MG 180 CAPS - Pure Encapsulations

 Potassium and magnesium are essential for healthy nerve impulse function, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function, acid/alkaline balance, and carbohydrate and nutrient metabolism.


Essential mineral for vascular function and overall health

As an essential mineral; potassium is involved in a variety of processes in the human body. Perhaps most important is its impact on cardiovascular health. This nutrient not only supports blood flow; but helps in the transmission of electrical impulses in the heart. Comfort in the cranial vessel (which holds your brain) and an acid/alkaline balance may also come from boosting your potassium levels. Furthermore; all of your muscles need potassium in order to function properly; your nervous system needs it too.

In addition; potassium may play a vital role in healthy and strong bones. Potassium promotes the effective absorption of calcium; another mineral that serves to build and maintain bone mass. It also participates in bone mineralization; alkaline balance; and the functioning of bone cells. Post-menopausal women may be especially benefit from increased potassium intake; since potassium citrate may support good bone composition in the neck; hips; and vertebrae. As a result; these bones may be less likely to weaken or break.

A convenient supplement like Pure Encapsulations' Potassium Citrate provides a bioavailable form of this mineral that is easily absorbed; which promotes the metabolism of other vitamins and nutrients you consume through food. Along with all of its other potential benefits; potassium may also improve your mood and mental outlook; a deficiency--which can happen due to improper digestion--may contribute to fatigue or weakness. Finally‚ it might help maintain healthy kidneys.

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