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Ginza-Plus Maca & Rhodiola 75 Softgels

Ginza-Plus Maca & Rhodiola 75 Softgels

Ginza-Plus combines five of the most highly-prized adaptogens in the world including Maca, Rhodiola, Ginseng, Schisandra, and Cordyceps!

Adaptogens to the Rescue! Russian scientists coined the term “adaptogen” to describe a special group of botanicals that increase the body’s resistance to physical, mental and environmental stressors.

Adaptogens have a broad influence on the entire body and, among their many properties, have the capacity to balance body function and support body systems affected by stress.

Ginza-Plus is specially designed to promote general well-being, and is especially suited for individuals who feel depleted due to overwork, excess stress and inadequate rest. It can be used daily for overall support or as needed during times of stress.

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