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Deltanol™ is the “21st century vitamin E.” This excellent product features delta tocotrienol, the delta fraction of the vitamin E family that has the most significant properties for cardiovascular and circulatory health. Deltanol features delta and gamma tocotrienols that have been naturally sourced from annatto. Annatto comes from the nutrition-rich bean pods of the achiote tree‚ a majestic tree that grows mainly in warmer climates. Tocotrienols have been well researched for their antioxidant activity, which can fight free radicals to protect cells.

Deltanol™ is vitamin E for the 21st Century.

This excellent supplement offers delta tocotrienol, which is the delta fraction of the vitamin E family. It provides the most crucial aspects for circulatory and heart health. Deltanol possess gamma and delta tocotrienols, naturally sourced from annatto. Annatto is derived from the achiote trees’ nutritious bean pods. This majestic tree mainly grows in warmer climates. Much research has been provided on Tocotrienols and their antioxidant activity, which protects cells by fighting free radicals.

This research backs-up evidence that tocotrienols may possess more potent antioxidant properties than tocopherols (like the common type of vitamin E). Although the body’s normal metabolic processes can provide a certain amount of free radicals, it is not uncommon for the body to be overexposed to them. Ongoing exposure to toxins, pollutants and other harmful factors, can cause an excess of free radicals. Cell damage and the breakdown of the cell membrane can be caused by high levels of free radicals in the body. That is why antioxidant capability, like that of tocotrienols, is so valuable.

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