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COLOSTRUM-IGG 5 OZ - Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs obtains its colostrum from a very select group of dairy farmers. Their cows are grass-fed in spring, summer and fall and hay-fed during the winter, all of which is pesticide free. The female cows secrete this special immune-active fluid for about three days after giving birth. If you're looking for a premier immune and stamina support, this pesticide-free colostrum may be for you

Obtained from a special, select group of dairy farmers, Premier Research Labs Colostrum is the highest quality out there. The cows are on a pesticide-free diet all year round. They are grass-fed during the spring, summer and fall, and hay-fed in the winter. Colostrum is an immune-active fluid, secreted by female cows, for three days after giving birth. This pesticide-free dietary supplement provides stamina and immune support. It’s made from 100% whole bovine colostrum. The fluid has not been defatted and contains 25% immunoglobulins (IgG) for immune system support. It also contains immune support agents N-acetylneurominic acid, lactoferrin, IGF-I, and is gluten free.

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