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CEREVEN 60 CAPS - Premier Research

Your brain is the most essential organ in your body; it’s the one processes all of the information in and around you. Since your brain is so important‚ it’s frustrating when it isn’t working the way you want it to. As a result of getting older‚ eating a poor diet‚ illness‚ or disease‚ you may notice that you have a loss of focus‚ clarity‚ attention‚ and memory. If your brain doesn’t receive the right nutrients‚ it will not work properly. Toxins‚ chemicals‚ and drugs can also harm your brain. If you take good care of yourself through proper nutrition‚ you can help your brain function at its best. Good nutrition won’t cure more serious diseases‚ but it may help reduce the severity of such diseases or slow their progress.

The brain is the most important organ in the body. It processes every single bit of information around you and within you. Since the brain is so essential, it can be discouraging when it doesn’t work right. Ageing, a poor diet, disease and illness can cause loss of focus, attention, clarity and memory. Without the proper nutrients‚ the brain fails to function at its best. Drugs, toxins‚ and chemicals can also damage the brain. Taking good care of your brain and body through nutrition‚ can help increase brain function. Though it won’t cure diseases of a more serious nature, good nutrition may minimize their severity and even slow their progress. But, it isn’t easy to get everything your brain needs, simply by eating the right foods. Plus, your brain may require extra nutrients, because you have more difficulty with memory and attention than the average person. Premier Research Labs’ CereVen (formerly known as Quantum Brain Complex) is an all-natural, vitamin supplement created to target, protect, and nourish the brain. CereVen, designed to provide many health benefits, possesses several unique nutrient blends, including: NeuroSynergy Blend, with herbs, vegetables‚ and fruits, like Noni seed‚ broccoli bud, Nopal cactus pad‚ valerian root‚ and more, to protect and nourish the brain; NeuroCleanse Blend, with extracts and herbs such as bitter orange, Ecklonia cava seagrass‚ protease‚ coriander leaf‚ and more, to help clear toxins in the brain; IQ Pro Blend, with herbs and nutrients like phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC (Alpha-glyceryl Phosphorylcholine)‚ maitake extract‚ and more, to help increase your memory, focus‚ attention‚ and clarity.

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