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Most Calcium supplements are derived from limestone. Plant-sourced Bone Strength Take Care™ Slim Tabs deliver bone-strengthening Calcium within the infinite complexities of whole food.

Most Calcium supplements are derived from limestone. Bone Strength Take Care is a plant-based Calcium supplement, sourced from Red Marine Algae (Lithothamnion), sustainably harvested from Iceland.

This plant-sourced bone strength supplement, Bone Strenght Take Care™ Slim Tabs, provides your body with the key nutrients. Including whole-food cultured Vitamin D3 that helps the body to effectively utilize Calcium. Bone Strenght Take Care also promote calcium and stimulate normal bone creation while reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Formulated with TargetCal™, featuring whole-food sourced Vitamin K2 that directs Calcium to bones where you need it and functions to help maintain artery health. It is also fermented with Vitamin D3 for absorption, Magnesium and 70+ whole-food trace minerals.

Plant-sourced Calcium, Magnesium, and multiple trace minerals have also been shown to support the joint movement, joint flexibility, and joint function. Delivered in an easy to swallow slim tablet, our holistic Calcium formula offers a slow, steady release for the body's consistent nourishment.

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