Eating, digesting, absorbing, utilization, and elimination are ongoing and consistent processes within us all. When one or more of these processes is impaired, the body as a whole begins to suffer. It may take many years for a major symptom to appear, but appear it most definitely will. There are always signs and symptoms along the way, however, including fatigue, obesity, excessive thinness, bags under the eyes, rashes, constipation, and/or diarrhea, just to name a few.


Digestive System Process

Digestion process

Digestion is the first process that must take place in a healthy body and many people fail right off, which sets up a chain reaction compromising each and every other step. When we consume any food it must go through the digestive process, or a process whereby the breakdown of food is accomplished through enzyme action, which starts in the mouth, where carbohydrates, sugar, and fats begin their alkaline digestion. Which is why it is so important to thoroughly chew your food.


The stomach also produces a digestive enzyme called pepsin, an acid enzyme released by HCL (hydrochloric acid) for initial protein digestion. The rest of the digestion process takes place in the small bowel, which is supplied to its alkaline enzyme mix from the pancreas. When our foods are not broken down properly, either from weak pancreas, stomach and intestinal tract, or from bad food combinations, especially mixing starches with proteins, one will experience gas formation from fermentation and/or putrefaction. The greater the gas problems, the greater the weakness, and/or bad diet choices.


Healthy Digestive System

How to improve digestion

The body breaks down the foods you eat into the following: Proteins are broken down into Amino Acids for building, and repair material. Carbohydrates (starches and complex sugars) are broken down into simple sugars for fuels. Fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol for building, repair, and emergency needs. It takes a lot of energy for the body to break the complex into the simple as you can see.


There are effective approaches for assisting your body in handling the digestive load. Adjusting one’s diet to a more plant based whole food diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables are of primary importance in order to improve digestion. Supporting the pancreas which is the storehouse for enzyme supply can be of substantial benefit too.


One of our standouts here at the pharmacy is a product made by Premier Research Labs called PancreVen, it is a very balanced herbal formulation designed to optimize pancreatic function. Using digestive enzyme formulas is a direct and immediate treatment for digestive issues and there are several high-quality products of this nature on our shelves. Just ask one of our knowledgeable wellness consultants in choosing the product that best fits your needs.


Be Well,
Edwin Dossman


PancreVen Dietary Supplement for Digestion

PancreVen Dietary Supplement for Digestion