Stressed out, burnt out, and tired out are all terms that could be used to describe someone suffering from anxiety. Stress leads to anxiety and makes a person feel outside themselves, as if life has grown so full of business, worry and dread that there’s no room left to breathe; like the clock is always running out. This April is National Stress Awareness Month. It’s a time to acknowledge the impact stress has on mental and physical health. But, more importantly it’s a time to find ways to calm anxiety, relieve pressure and let the the air out. Don’t get stressed out. Get stress out:

1. Write it out

Write down what’s causing the anxiety. Attempting to mentally sort through the chaos can in itself create stress. The act of manually listing anxieties, things that clutter the brain, tasks that eat up energy just thinking about, relieves a burdened mind and makes room for thoughts that bring joy.

2. Talk it out

Verbally opening up about the things that weigh on the mind is another way to alleviate stress. Venting helps unload pent up angst, whether it’s to a friend or your reflection in the mirror. Get rid of toxic stress by talking, crying, or even screaming it out.

3. Laugh it out

The perfect antidote for a heavy heart is laughter. Take time to read a funny book or just watch silly dog videos on youtube. Stress can run rampant in these serious times so it’s imperative to take an occasional look at the brighter side of life.

4. Change it out

Try something new. Make a change. Hit the reset button. Spring is a time of growth and renewal. That’s why April is the perfect month for stress awareness. The changing of seasons from winter to spring brings a fresh start. Act in kind by changing something, small or big, as a reminder that, like winter, anxiety is but a season.

5. Work it out

Endorphins, self-esteem, a healthier life- these are just a few of the positives that come from exercising. But try not to force it. Don’t trade one stress for another. Participate in healthy activities that excite and help ease anxiety.

6. Point it out

Stress manifests in many ways, even in the most unlikely spots on the body. These pressure points can be alleviated through acupuncture. Though it seems counter-intuitive that being poked by a bunch of needles would be relaxing, acupuncture is a proven method to reduce stress.

7. Breathe it out

Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi all use breathing to focus the mind. Using these stress-reducing exercises helps an anxious brain disconnect from the world and direct attention solely towards the body.

8. Smell it out

The olfactory sense is often underestimated in the battle against stress. Aromatherapy can be an effective calming agent, especially when utilizing scents directly from nature. Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, geranium, peppermint, and lemongrass are all smells that help soothe and quiet distressed thoughts.

9. Massage it out

Massage is a physically and emotionally powerful tool for alleviating stress. The benefits of tension relief, the release of toxins and improving blood and oxygen flow effectively combats stress. In addition, the emotional power of touch comforts an anxious soul.

10. Take it out

Taking supplements can also assist in reducing anxiety. For a body and mind weary with stress, there are multiple options:

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