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WAAYB Hemp Cream - Transdermal CBD Cream - 300mg

WAAYB Hemp Cream - Transdermal CBD Cream - 300mg

The experts at WAAYB chose to use a transdermal cream, as opposed to the more common topical balm, to ensure premium absorption, both systemically and locally. The formula was developed in partnership with a compounding pharmacy to select the best transdermal available. The final product has proven to provide better absorption than other transdermal gels or creams out there.

Transdermal Hemp cream works for both muscle and joint pain and systemic pain, not only for you, but also for your pets. It can be difficult to get a pet to use a tincture in the mucosal layer or sublingually, but with a transdermal product it can be applied on any area without fur or in the ear. Avoid the hassle and have your pet absorb the hemp extract without losing efficacy.

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