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Dorinda James ANTI-AGING AM Moisturizing Cream

Dorinda James ANTI-AGING AM Moisturizing Cream


Dorinda James
AM Moisturizing Cream

1 oz (30 ml)

Protects + Hydrates + Nourishes

This antioxidant-rich nourishing cream protects skin from environmental stressors + prevents the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Improve your skin's appearance + prevent skin cell deterioration with this morning moisturizing cream.



Active Ingedients:

Idebenone: A super antioxidant! Protects skin from the elements and reduces the appearance of fine lines reduces dryness and improves skin texture.  Annihilates free radicals promoting healthy skin.

Super Oxide Dismutase:  Powerful enzyme that is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all cells exposed to oxygen.  Reduces free radical damage to skin.

Vitamin A:  Maintains normal skin health by switching on genes and differentiating immature skin cells into mature epidermal cells. Improves wrinkles associated with natural aging and helps promote the production of skin-building compounds.  Helps fight acne by reducing size and secretion of certain glands that contribute to breakouts.

Vitamin E:  Protects cell membranes from oxidation by removing the free radical intermediates.

Lipoic Acid:  A potent and versatile antioxidant.  It inhibits cross-linking which is the formation of chemical bridges between proteins or other large molecules which could be the cause of wrinkling of the skin.  Moderate anti-inflammatory effect.  Neutralizes and removes from the body a variety of free radical/ toxic metals that damage skin.

Selenomethione:  Reduces sunspots redness and irritation from harmful UV rays.

Titanium Dioxide:  Broad spectrum physical UV blocker type sunscreen.  Found in most baby sunscreens (or Zinc Oxide). Protects against UVA and UVB rays.  Many sunscreens dont protect against UVA rays which cause photo-aging photo-sensitivity and skin cancer.  This type of sunscreen also causes less skin irritation.

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