Now, I’m So Good At Sleeping I Do It With My Eyes Closed (part 1, minerals)

Thanks to Neuro Night Essentials by NeuroBiologix. Well the Doc pulled out all the stops on this one. He put everything in this formula, but the kitchen sink. From Magnesium, hormonal and neurochemical support like melatonin, GABA and L’Theanine to three high potency sleep herbs, Valerian, Passion Flower and German Chamomile; all famous for relaxation and revitalization.

So let’s break it down one blog at a time, starting with magnesium. Magnesium has an essential part in hundreds of biochemical roles, especially in nerve and muscular functions. Magnesium Ascorbate has significantly higher gastrointestinal tolerance and hence is more safe and effective in higher doses.  Neuro Night Essentials have 200mg of magnesium ascorbate per dose, enough to relax your nerves and muscles without giving you a loose bowel. I’m going to be talking more about the different kinds of magnesium in a later blog.

Radhia Gleis, Wellness Director

Neuro Night Essentials is available in all of our stores and online at Martin's Wellness found under the sleep catagory!


Radhia Gleis, CCN, is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Director for Martin's Compounding & Wellness Pharmacies with three locations in the Austin area. She is available for private consultation at the LakeHills Pharmacy, M-F, 1:30 to 6:30pm. Contact [email protected]